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The 195,000 quota is directly returned to 0, and the risk control of "Auntie's Line" is insanely derated.

Recently, according to people familiar with the matter, ICBC’s derating wave hit, and a well-known forum was wailing. 15,000 changed to 7,000, 15,000 to 4,000, a direct drop of 50%, 100,000 to 0, 195,000 to 0, etc. Everywhere.

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Such derating directly drives the card friends crazy. Of course, we can also see ICBC financing e-lending banks promoted more than once a few days ago.

Is the cause of the problem directly found? The bank's marketing department made great efforts to promote it. After the card friends got on the bus, the bank's risk control department kicked the card friends out of the bus. You know, the speed of the car can be faster than Tesla's 100 kilometers acceleration. Tesla's riders can't stand it. Card riders can withstand such violence.

After such an increase and a crazy reduction, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China must be crazy.

Of course, this is a typical deduction, and card friends have summarized that long-term empty cards, ultra-low rate machines, credit card refund problems, overdue, and credit reporting problems may all cause deductions. reason.

Then we card friends should pay more attention to the trend, we must avoid the edge, we must know that the bank's risk control is originally loose and tight. Dialectically, it also reminds us to take good care of our cards.

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