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Why is your personal credit report full of post-loan management? What is the impact?

Post-loan management refers to the whole process of credit management from the occurrence of credit business to the recovery of principal and interest or the end of credit.

As the main method of risk control, the bank will inquire about the user's credit information from time to time after the user handles the credit business. Once an abnormality in the credit investigation is found, derating, freezing, and blocking are all measures used by banks to reduce risks.

Recently, a card friend asked that he recently inquired about the credit investigation, but he didn't know if he didn't check it. After checking, he was shocked. The post-loan management column actually showed 20 times. what does this mean? Will it have any adverse effects on credit reporting? Let's go with the editor to find out.

Post-loan management times

Generally speaking, there is no strict frequency requirement for bank post-loan management. Different banks have their own risk control models. In addition, the user's risk level will also affect the number of post-loan management.

1. If the bank's risk control model believes that the customer is unstable, such as a user who frequently reaches full quota and frequently borrows, he may check it once a month, or he may check it once a month by derating.

2. If the loan or credit card has a relatively long period of use and customers who use the credit less frequently, it is possible to check once a year.

3. Similar customers in the above two categories may have the possibility of doing post-loan credit checks in two to six months.

4. The bank's post-loan management is carried out in an intelligent way of automatic screening by the system. The system will automatically identify individuals based on the risk control data in the system, resulting in different consequences.

Credit report shows 20 bad consequences of post-loan management

Don’t worry, the bank’s post-loan management has minimal impact on credit reporting, and it is basically irrelevant. The number of inquiries is related to your financial business, personal credit status, account activity, and bank risk control. As long as there is no overdue or other breach of contract, there will be no impact on subsequent loan applications and card applications.

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