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Taobao and Tmall cut fees again: Huabei, credit card and other collection service fees are reduced to 0.6%!

On July 28, Taobao and Tmall announced that starting from August 1 this year, all Taobao and Tmall merchants' credit card handling fees and Huabei collection service rates will be reduced to 0.6%. For example, to buy a 100 yuan product through Huabei or a credit card, you only need to deduct a 0.6 yuan handling fee, which was 1% before, and 1 yuan needs to be deducted.

This means that when consumers use debit card Yu'e Bao and other funds to consume, the merchant's service fee will continue to be free, and the cost will be borne by the Taobao platform. If consumers use credit cards or Huabei to make purchases, the merchant's service fees will be cheaper than before.

It is said that compared with the international payment rate of about 2%, the standard payment rate in my country has always been at a relatively low level. On this basis, continuing to reduce payment rates will help further reduce the operating costs of small and medium businesses.

Previously, Taobao and Tmall platforms required merchants to charge a 1% handling fee for Huabei and credit card collections. For example, for a product of 100 yuan, if users use Huabei or credit card to pay, merchants need to deduct a handling fee of 1 yuan for cash withdrawals. . The industry pointed out that compared with the 0.6% conventional standard in the payment industry, the previous tariff standards for credit cards and Huabei on Taobao and Tmall not only covered the cost of the conventional channel, but also inevitably earned additional fees.

This fee reduction is one of a series of measures launched by Taobao and Tmall to reduce business costs this year. Public information shows that since the beginning of this year, Taobao Tmall has introduced more than 20 measures for businesses to reduce business costs and improve business efficiency, including free business consultants, reduced freight insurance fees, and free "three treasures and one coupon".

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