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What should I do if the POS machine cannot be used for the limit risk transaction of a specific merchant after receiving a text message from GF Credit Card?

Under the global impact of the new crown epidemic, it has brought a catastrophic blow to the economies of all countries. Banks are no exception. Bad debts are expected to be more serious than ever. Therefore, many banks have increased risk control rules in order to control financial risks. Anyone who touches the rules will immediately be restricted for consumption. In serious cases, they will even block the card to prevent the money released. The risk of not being able to get it back. This is the case with the well-known GF. Cardholders who use the card carelessly will receive a text message from the bank "Your GF card failed at a certain merchant limit risk transaction..." to the GF cardholder It's a lot of inconvenience. Today I will teach you how to operate.

1. Scan code transaction

Beginning in 2019, the most popular POS machine on the market is the electric sign POS machine, which comes with a camera and supports code scanning functions such as WeChat, Alipay, and Huabei. Cardholders can tie the GF Card to Alipay or WeChat, and display the payment code when making purchases and choose GF Bank Card to pay. At present, the best-selling electric sign machine is the Lakala electric sign POS machine. It has been upgraded to the 4G version this year. It has a built-in data card, no need to connect to the mobile phone's Bluetooth, no need to download the APP, and can be used independently. Scan code 0.38% ultra-low rate, within seconds No extra seconds to charge.

2. Pay with face

Face-swiping payment is a typical online payment method, and the most common one on the market is Easy Wallet. E-Wallet is a new type of online payment product created by E-Pay. E-Wallet obtained the first batch of payment licenses issued by the central bank in May 2011. It is a formal clear POS machine. Easy Wallet is very simple to use, no physical POS machine is required. Just log in to the official website to download the Easy Wallet APP, install and register and purchase the activation code to use it. The cost is generally 30-50 yuan.

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