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Double Eleven is coming, and POS machines are also joining

The annual carnival shopping festival "Double Eleven" is coming, I believe the "Chop Hand Party" has started the mode of buying, buying and buying. In the POS machine industry, although discounts are not so crazy, it is also a carnival for POS machine service partners to seize the opportunity when payment institutions push new products or new policies.

POS machines are not fast-moving consumer goods, and have a long service life, so you need to be cautious when you start. In order to obtain long-term stable merchants, how should payment service providers choose the products they represent? Today I will share the characteristics of Guanglian POS.

Safety. Nowadays, the use of third-party payment products is very common. It is an opportunity for POS service providers to start a business. For users, there is a more diversified payment option, but people are most concerned about whether the POS machine is Safety. A more worry-free approach is to choose a compliant payment platform like Jialian that has been awarded the "Payment Business License". Big brands pay special attention to payment security and have technology in the protection of users' personal information, the protection of funds, and the handling of risky transactions. With more strength and practical experience, choosing the products of large agencies is not only easy to open the market, but also the user stability is high, and the service provider is more worry-free.

Convenient. Technological innovation is to make life more convenient, and the emergence of POS machines is to help merchants improve operating efficiency and save costs. However, in the fierce market competition, some product gimmicks and many functions are very cumbersome, ignoring the core functions of acquiring products.

Innovation. There are many people who do payment, but very few people do it well. The so-called "smart women can't cook without rice", the business ability of POS service providers is one thing, and whether the products they represent have absolute advantages is also very important. As the needs of users become more diversified, POS machines are constantly changing. For example, the current 4G traffic POS machines are a long-term trend.

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