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The last month of 2021 is here

The roasted sweet potatoes and stir-fried chestnuts on the roadside all imply that the year is about to pass, and the balance in 2021 is less than 10%. Do you remember the flags set during the Chinese New Year? Are they all completed? We have ushered in December, and in the last month, I hope that the good things accumulated for a year will come to everyone. Guanglian hopes that everyone gains what they expect, and what they lose is all right, and welcomes the whole winter with warmth.

The first day of December is the 34th World AIDS Day, a day that needs attention. The theme of today's publicity activity is "Life First, End AIDS, Health Equality". According to data, there are 1.053 million people living with AIDS in China, and young students have a high incidence of HIV infection. Every one of us must learn about the epidemic characteristics, transmission routes, preventive measures and other aspects of AIDS. AIDS is ruthless, but we are sentimental. Let us take care of the sick and let the red ribbon bring more care, stay away from the virus, and live a healthy and happy life. Starting with cleanliness and self-love, we hope that the world will be equal and helpless at an early date. As a company with a sense of social responsibility, in addition to paying attention to dynamic information related to itself, it must also pay attention to current affairs news around the world. Make a meager power for this society and give the world more warmth.

In December, the last month, come on, become a better version of yourself, and strive to own a personal POS machine. Every money you receive is real money and create your own small vault. All the bad is an experience, and all the good will meet at the end. Let us greet the first snow and Christmas, the bell of the New Year and the countdown, and feel the warmth of winter together.

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