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About the process and method of Dongguan UnionPay POS machine

UnionPay pos machineHow is the situation?

First of all, we need to understand the POS machines of UnionPay, which are divided into individuals and merchants, which are used by individuals. Merchants generally choose traditional large-scale credit card devices. In the current market, most of them operate by themselves. Then, you need to find a The legal payment company with the payment license, or the one you want to buy, can check on the UnionPay website to see if the company has a payment license, so as to ensure its authenticity.

What are the procedures required for UnionPay POS machine?

If it is a local POS machine, we can also do it at your door. Just a deposit card, an ID card, and a bank card can help you do it. It is very convenient. If you are out of town, we will send the computer to you. When you get there, you just need to follow the procedure, download the app, and then perform real-name authentication. After binding, you can use it. Then you need to manage the UnionPay POS machine.Preparatory work: 1. The merchant needs to prepare the account opening license, organization code certificate, etc. 2. After preparing the required documents and seals, go to the bank outlet to apply for a UnionPay POS machine and wait for the bank's approval; 3, After the bank is finished, wait for the bank staff to visit the site and sign the installation contract of the POS machine; 4. After signing the contract, the bank will send someone to install the POS machine and teach how to use it. The whole process takes about 15 days.

When handling UnionPay POS machines, the following matters need to be paid attention to:

1. Check whether the amount on the shopping list is correct: When the customer holds the card in the shopping center, the cashier will ask the customer to sign the transaction receipt according to the transaction requirements of the credit card. Before signing, please verify that the credit card number is the user and check carefully The amount and currency and the actual consumption situation, if there is no error, can be signed;

2. In order to better serve customers, most credit cards do not need to enter a password, and the cashier only needs to check the user's signature. Of course, such convenience will also cause certain insecurity to the credit card, if the customer loses Credit cards are likely to be stolen.

How should we handle UnionPay pos machine?

First of all, there are two types of UnionPay POS machines, one is for individuals, one is for merchants, one is for purchases, one is for traditional payment methods, the other is for business models, and the other is for you to use UnionPay Checking the website to see if the company pays for the license is a very reliable way.

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