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How to calculate the handling fee of POS machine

Now many people have their own card swiping device, which is convenient for daily collection. Everyone knows that a certain fee is charged for swiping a card on a POS machine, and the amount of the fee depends on the charging standard. How to calculate it, let's take a look.

First of all, you must understand that there are two charging methods for POS machines today, one is the ordinary credit card rate, and the other is a small discount. For example, WeChat payment and POS machines are both 0.38% discounts. General POS machines Both are 0.38 percent, there is not much difference, the only difference is the cost of swiping the card.

UnionPay's credit card price is 0.6, but because major brands are pursuing profits, they will exceed 0.6, and some payment companies will choose to give profits in order to meet the needs of customers. Generally speaking, the price of 0.55-0.6 is the most A good choice, don't think about it if it is lower than 0.55, because the payment company is not a charity, if it is too low, it will be raised sooner or later, and the POS machine will also be affected. The price of the POS machine over 0.6 is too high, I think You also won't consider, 0.55 is the best for normal POS machines, generally speaking, 0.55-0.58-0.6 is the best.

So how to calculate the cost of the credit card? It is very simple, the amount of the credit card is multiplied by the rate, which is a handling fee. Our credit card is 0.55 percent, 10,000 yuan is 5 to 5 yuan. 0.6 is 10,000.006=60 , and the small discount is 100000.0038=38, so everyone can understand that we can calculate the corresponding handling fee through the rate. After the handling fee, everyone can calculate the handling fee according to the number of swiping cards, so as to ensure Safe, and the lower the fees, the more money you save.

I want to remind everyone that the price of the POS machine should not be too low. To ensure your own safety, you must choose a regular POS machine. Second, the security of swiping the card, the POS machine will not skip the code, this is a good POS machine.


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