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How to join as a POS machine agent

In the face of the hot payment market, many friends hope to obtain more benefits. At present, POS machines can be represented by individuals and enterprises. Recently, many partners are inquiring about how to do it and what are the thresholds. Today we Let's talk about POS machine agents and some problems with POS machines. In fact, whether it is an individual or a company, they are all the same, the difference is that they cannot sign at the headquarters, while the company can sign at the headquarters. But at present, there is no direct The personal agents of the profit sharing are all direct payments from the APP and the headquarters, and there is not much difference.

Procedures for individuals to choose a POS agent to join:

The first step is to choose a brand

There are many brands on the market now, you have to choose as much as possible. You can check the latest rankings and word of mouth first, and make sure you have a stable policy and a stable product.

Step 2, Choose a Policy

After we have chosen the brand, the next step is to choose a good policy. We can find 2-3 policies to compare, and then choose a more appropriate one. When choosing a policy, keep in mind, don't be too greedy, don't do it in ten Taiwan Ask someone for a hundred, otherwise you may get nothing in the end. And the current policy is very transparent, the general commercial settlement is 0.52, if it is a small amount, the price will be higher. As for delivery, don’t look at those dozens of dollars, The commission of a few dollars, the worst one costs 200 yuan, do you think you can buy it for tens of dollars? The dozens of dollars you see are all discounted, if you can’t activate it, you have to Paid in full.

Step 3: Choose the right candidate.

Today's private agents can only cooperate with higher-level service providers. Therefore, you must find a reliable service company. No matter how you choose, your efforts will be in vain.

Some questions to consider when picking a host:

1. The time made by the superior service provider;

2. Whether the superior service provider has a record;

3. The scale of the superior service provider does not mean that the bigger the better, the most important thing is to understand the credibility of the service provider through communication.

Step 4, Pick Up and Showcase

After the policy is finalized, the exhibition can be started. This is a very difficult stage. The exhibition requires the dealer to explore and accumulate experience. The more people who activate it, the higher the profit.


Not activated: If you use a discount to buy a mobile phone, please be sure to pay attention to the activation time. If you do not use it after the time limit, the fee will be deducted. Consult the customer service staff in advance about the deduction.

Pseudo-activation: At present, most products have pseudo-activation, usually 10,000 times within 3 months, otherwise all fees will be deducted.

Most suppliers do not tell you these two conditions in advance, but as an agent, you must know so as to avoid future losses. POS machines are easy for individuals and have no threshold, but now the market competition is fierce , 5 sets and ten sets are enough, the key is to choose carefully, to be cautious, not to be greedy. In addition, some people suggest that you should take more, take less, and don't make any big moves. Every event will have an activation cycle. If it is not activated, it will be deducted, which will outweigh the gain.

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