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About the charging standard of pos machine

The charging standard of the POS machine is 0.6 percent, that is to say, paying 10,000 yuan with a credit card only costs 60 yuan. Assuming that the total transaction amount is 10,000 yuan, when you swipe the credit card on the POS machine, you need to pay a handling fee of 60 yuan.

The policy divides POS machines into 3 categories:

1. The standard category of POS machines is charged at 0.6 percent

2. On POS machines, such as supermarkets, gas stations, train tickets, air tickets, etc., there is a 0.38 percent handling fee.

3. Public hospitals, public schools, welfare institutions, charities, etc. all implement zero charges

The price before the 96 industrial charge reform, the charge of the pos machine before the 96 charge reform is determined according to different merchant categories, and different merchants have different card swiping fees. For example, catering and entertainment: 1.25 percent, general category: 0.78 percent, Wholesale: upper limit (0.78 percent, 1.25 percent, 26 yuan, 35 yuan, 80 yuan), people's livelihood: 0.38 percent, charities: 0 fees (must meet certain conditions, it is difficult for third-party payment institutions to provide such business resources ) (There are many merchant resources, 0.2%-0.4%, the highest is 22.5 yuan, and the maximum is 22.5 yuan, which is the so-called 'job-hopping'.) Many payment companies have been fined by UnionPay, and many companies have increased the price to 11,110 This is an irresistible phenomenon. If you find that the charges are too high, please contact the POS operator as soon as possible to replace the normal charging equipment to reduce the loss caused by the card swiping fee.

If you are a POS user:

1. Pay attention to your own charges. After the price increase, contact the salesman to replace the POS machine in time. The above products will not be affected by this high fine, and they are still the ordinary market credit card rates, and users can use them with confidence.

2. No matter which brand it is, as long as it is a computer, it can be used with confidence, and there will be no more loopholes (who told you that the low price is the password, that is Xiaobai!)

3. After this crisis, if your price has no change, please cherish your chance, because you have found a very reliable and very capable salesperson.

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