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What brands of pos machines are recommended

1, UnionPay commercial bank POS machine

The sub-brand of China UnionPay branch, the payment license includes bank card acquiring, prepaid card acceptance, online payment license, qualification and equipment are formal and safe. UnionPay credit card WeChat scan code cash register mobile payment 2D code cash register personal Scan code machine office stationery scan code box collection audio 2022 commercial scan code collection. 2-dimensional code scan code in the cash register scan code payment box scan code, scan code, scan code, voice broadcast, Lakala cash box, cash box Such as classic models; AOKIA cash register integrated machine retail supermarket convenience store tobacco and alcohol pharmacy catering cash register cash register scanning code software cash register computer membership management system.

2, Lakala ATM

It has long occupied the second place in the POS machine list, a well-known domestic company with high reputation, has UnionPay certification, safe, reliable, multi-functional, and a number of convenient services.

3. Kuaiqian is the executive director unit of China Payment and Settlement Association and a shareholder of Netlink. Wanda, a third-party payment giant with a 14-year history, acquired a 68.7 percent stake in Kuaiqian at a price of $315 million at the end of 2014. , its development is "physical business plus network", and Kuaiqian achieves this goal through Wanda's more than 330 offline scenarios across the country.

4. The advantage of interconnectivity relies on the cooperation advantages of "mobile wallet" and China Mobile, as well as the executive director unit of China Internet Finance Association and the executive director unit of China Payment and Settlement Association. In 2008, it was incorporated into Hailian Jinhui in the form of "the highest price acquisition in history".

5. In the industry, Tonglian Payment is called "Little UnionPay". The company was established in October 2008. It is a company that provides a full range of payment services for major customers with Wanxiang Holdings, New China Life Insurance and Shanghai International Group. It Wan Jianhua, the founder of the company, has the title of "Father of China VISA", and is also the first chairman and chairman of China UnionPay Group.

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