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What is the limit of WeChat personal 2D code collection?

Wechat personal collection code limit: with 2-dimensional code as the unit, you can pay up to 100 pieces per day; the annual collection amount is 10 million yuan.

The current operating system is iOS, using iPhone 13. WeChat version iOS system: 8.0.26.

WeChat and Alipay are the most common applications. Most of the time, their payment functions are used, especially on WeChat, red envelopes, transfers, etc. are often required. So, what do you know about the 2D code for payment? If What if the limit is exceeded?

If it exceeds the limit of one day, then you can only come back another day. And for the reminder of the annual collection limit of 10 million yuan. Therefore, the editor recommends that users can choose other payment methods, such as transfer, transfer, red envelope, Alipay And so on. In fact, the occurrence of quotas is controlled by the government's financial department.

In short, the editor thinks that if you really want to use WeChat to do big business, you must know the relevant risks in advance to avoid unnecessary trouble. At the end of the article, if you want to add anything, please leave it in the comment area My own opinions, the editor will actively answer, grow together, and progress together.

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