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Industry Development Status of Pos Machines

First, the status quo of the POS machine industry

1, single for multi-purpose

The multi-function POS machine is gradually being replaced by the multi-function POS machine, which adopts an intelligent operating system. In terms of services, it covers two payment modes, vertical and vertical, including scan payment, third-party payment, etc.

2, the impact of printed circuit boards on production costs

POS equipment is the upstream of POS equipment. The core parts of raw materials are the main control chip, security module, storage system and communication conversion module. PCB board is an important raw material of POS equipment, and its price has a great impact on the cost of POS equipment. .

3, pos has become a daily consumption habit

In people's daily life, credit card is an irresistible trend. POS machine is a kind of multi-purpose terminal, which can realize automatic transfer of cash by connecting it with the special store of bank card and the computer of the acceptance point. , with consumption, balance inquiry, transfer and other functions, the use of safe, fast and reliable.


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