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What are the advantages of a credit card machine

credit card machineThat is, POS terminal, it sends information to the UnionPay platform through the phone number dialed by phone. After UnionPay identifies the relevant information, it will send deduction information to the card issuing bank, and the card issuing bank will feedback the information after receiving the confirmation from the card issuing bank. To UnionPay, after the confirmation, UnionPay transmits the processed data to the front-end terminal. After the terminal receives the confirmation, it prints a document. The basic principle of the mobile POS machine is the same, and its information transmission is transmitted by data signals. The communication fee is not high. According to the different business, the communication fee of the fixed telephone is charged according to the standard of the local call.

1, Convenience: not limited by time and space, you can complete the payment anytime, anywhere, as you like.

2. Security: Use real-name authentication. Real-name registration is associated with mobile phone card number, PSAM card, and body number.

3, Affordable: refer to the charging standards of the central bank and UnionPay.

4, Efficient: instant transaction, real-time settlement, is the most convenient way of remittance.

5, support all cards, cards.

6, Multiple encryption, transaction security, high-tech encryption chip and software security protection to ensure the safe transmission of transaction data.

7. Convenient payment, convenient online shopping, online payment of utility bills, gas, online shopping, credit card, life is so simple.

8. No need for online banking or cash withdrawal, allowing you to pay freely anytime, anywhere

Provide mobile card payment solutions for e-commerce and physical merchants.

9, easy to carry, not restricted by time and region, anytime, anywhere.


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